Mary-Margareht Rose

Hello Friends,

We at the Earth Mother Father Foundation want to thank you all for your support and friendship all these years. It has meant so much to Mary-Margareth and those who worked with her to have you in her spiritual family. She has given selflessly to all comers for a couple decades now and those of you who remember know how she cared and the integrity with which she worked and played.

mmrheartIn early October 2013 Mary-Margareht suffered a stroke that prevented her from living a normal life. Since then she was in special care and visited daily by her loving daughter Tammy and other children, close relatives and friends.


From her daughter Tammy Andrew-Fuller, “The most beautiful lady, inside and out, that I’ve ever known, has gone to be with our Heavenly Father. As of a few minutes to 4:00pm today, my mother took her last few breaths in my arms. Momma looked absolutely beautiful and her pain and suffering are no more.”

We hope you will remember her wisdom and love, and pray for her and her family in this difficult time.

The Gatherings that Mary-Margareht has led all these years, even since the center closed in Sedona, are will likely be continued by one of the Foundation’s ordained ministers. More information will be available her – or elsewhere – soon.

I am sure Mary-Margareht would now be saying to you something like “Wishing you the beautiful rainbows of Sedona,” and is sending you now an avalanche of love, as she has always felt for you.

By the way, her book, “The Courage to Be Who I Am” , now self-published, will be available on again soon. It’s a great read. Get the 2014 edition.

Mary-Margareht Rose: Sedona Icon

People Who Make a Difference: Mary-Margareht Rose: Sedona Icon
by Sakina Blue-Star

Rev. Mary-Margareht Rose is the Founder and President of the Earth Mother Father Healing and Meditation Center. For nine years, it was located in West Sedona, and was a place of sanctuary for people from all over this country and beyond. Her compassion, wisdom,and gifts of healing and spiritual insight drew many seekers to her door; she is truly a Light Being! She has long been a beloved presence in Sedona. The Center was an oasis of peace and serenity for those in need of guidance or healing energy, and she made everyone feel welcome. Read the rest of this entry »